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Fat Finger - The Public Resource on Public Opinion

Fat Finger sends panelists 3 short, informative, polls each week. Each poll is 3 questions and takes about a minute to complete.
Once a respondent finishes a poll they see the aggregate results updated in real time and broken down by age, political affiliation and gender. It’s engaging, easy, free, and we don’t share your data with anyone. Install the Fat Finger app to participate.

Your Opinion, Our Value

At Fat Finger we care about your opinion, and our aim is to provide you with value in return. We deliver polls that are short, interesting and informative, with topics ranging from current events to timeless philosophies. Our questions appeal to people of all political affiliations, ages and genders, and our panel is largely representative of the country as a whole. That, combined with selective factor weightings, allow us to provide poll results with a standard error of +/- 3%.

Archive of past questions

We’ve asked over 4500 questions since 2012, and the results to all of them are available here, whether you are a panelist or not. Search for any term or just browse by date or category.

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